Created by Prominado Let the Journey Begin

The Journey Begins

While wandering around the world I’ve heard numerous tales about wise old man, his hospitality and the mysterious treats he offers to the strangers. In search of Mamuka I’ve reached the lands of beauty I’ve never seen before.

I’m sure I will find him here!

But what path to choose?
The way around the mountains seems easy and safe road to take. But the mountain trail offers the chills of danger and adventure.
Take a way around Go by mountain trail


In the depth of the dark thicket

The way through the trees wasn’t that easy and a moment before I started to consider myself completely lost, I noticed wild animals’ silhouettes. They seemed to have come out to lead me on my journey.

Whom should I follow?
The bear and the deer as the guardians of the secret path were waiting for me to follow.
Strong Bear Noble Deer


Old man’s house

The wise old man set me at the table and started his story

“Sit back and relax as you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. I will reveal a mystery of Mamuka for you. Every person has Mamuka inside as Mamuka is a kind man, a hospitable and generous host always ready to tell a fascinating tale and to offer some beautiful food”.

What course to choose?
The table was full of the appealing dishes. Fragrant khinkali with herbs, spicy shashlik with baked veggies and the cheese boats with the golden crust.
Fragrant Khinkali Spicy Shashlik Cheese Boat


Mamuka says that you are

The Way Home

What a breathtaking adventure it was! Now I have to bring the mystery of Mamuka into my city!

Created by Prominado
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